You are a leader who wants to help your congregation and community find and follow Christ, but you need help. Pass On professional coaching provides the help you need.


Don’t wait until you lose momentum to gain fresh insight. Pass On church consultants help spot danger signs so you avoid problems before they arise, and they can lead your church to health and solid growth.

Vision Casting

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

Vision sets the stage for your ministry. Let us help you clarify your vision, develop language to communicate it clearly, and identify steps to see it come to pass.

Team Building

The Church “grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” – Ephesians 4:16

Healthy teams build healthy churches. Pass On helps identify areas of weakness and strength so you can work effectively and efficiently.

Character Development

“When character is lost, all is lost” – Billy Graham

Ministry can be lonely, especially when it comes to character development. Pass On understands this and wants to partner with you to refine and renew your character.

Strategy Formation

“A vision without strategy remains an illusion” – Lee Bolman

Vision is imperative, but strategy is the key to success. Pass On will help bring your vision to life by developing a workable strategy that leads to health and growth.

What Is Coaching?

Pass on what you heard from me… to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others. (2 Timothy 2:2, MSG)

This is the heart of Pass On. We equip ministry leaders to win at their calling by forming meaningful relationships that help them grow both personally and professionally. Our sole motivation for this growth and development is that we will be more effective at helping others find and follow Christ.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for any HUNGRY leader! A HUNGRY leader:

Has a Heart for God

Recognizes when he or she is Under-performing

Will Never give up

Has a Grow or die attitude

Is Ready to change

Is Young at heart.

It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 85. If you have more to give to the Kingdom of God, we want to help you!

What is The Process Like?

Coaching begins with a free one hour coaching call. After the initial session you will know if coaching is right for you. If you want more of what you received in this initial call we’ll schedule bi-weekly or monthly confidential appointments.

During each coaching session, we will follow a plan based on Pass On’s Core Values tailor-made to help you succeed  personally and professionally. We believe you will find the coaching process both enjoyable and profitable!

Why not get started today?

1. What is the difference between coaching and counseling?
While there are many similarities, coaching tends to focus on present problems and future solutions as opposed to overcoming past hurts and wounds.

Coaching is highly focused and goal oriented aimed at maximizing your effectiveness in a specific area of life.

2. I don't live near your office, can I still receive your coaching services?

Pass On is a global ministry, reaching pastors and ministry leaders around the world.

We are happy to conduct our coaching services in person, by phone, or video. To get started submit this form. We will be in touch within 1–2 business days to arrange an initial consultation.

3. How much do your services cost?
Pass On began with the vision of serving church leaders at no charge. We do ask that if we help you lead your church to health and growth that you add Pass On to your missions giving budget as a means of paying it forward for others.

Our guarantee to you is if we can’t help you, you pay nothing!

4. Can I make a donation to Pass On?

When Craig formed Pass On, he committed to raising his own support. He knows that those who need help the most often can’t afford it. For that reason, Pass On exists through the sacrificial giving of churches, families, and individuals like you.

Giving is easy! Simply follow this link and select the donation method that works best for you. We are grateful for your support and generosity!

5. I have more questions. Is there a way to connect with someone from Pass On?
Of course!

You can call us Monday–Friday during business hours at (719) 216–6545 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Craig

Craig Walker, Founder and President of Pass On Ministry, provides coaching and consulting for pastors, staff, and church leaders.

Craig came to faith in Christ at twenty-five while working for Rimmir Corporation, a division of General Motors in Matamoros, Mexico. He spent the first twenty-five years of his life chasing empty dreams; now he is using the rest of his life to help others find and follow Jesus Christ.

In 1981, when Craig trusted Christ he immediately began serving in his home church under the leadership and mentorship of Senior Pastor, Kenny Lewis.

After Craig was called into full-time Christian ministry he, Kenny Lewis, and Mike Jones planted Brownsville Community Fellowship Church in Brownsville, Texas. Since then, Craig has planted churches in Noblesville, IN and Celina, TX.

Craig has dedicated himself to learning to lead well. However, he experienced a crisis in ministry in 2010.

After planting Lifeway Church in Celina in 2008 and watching it grow to over 300 in average Sunday attendance in just three years, Craig saw it plateau and slowly begin to decline. The church barely resembled the once thriving church.

Wanting to quit and not believing a church could return to health and solid growth after such a fall, he prayed for God to let him leave. However, the thought came to Craig,

“If God is God?”


“Craig Walker is a trusted mentor who has helped me lead my church and overcome barriers to our growth. Craig has added value to my ministry and to me personally in my walk with Christ. I am fully confident in his ability to help pastors and leaders reach their full potential personally and professionally.” Maceo Smedley

Lead Pastor, The Promise Church, Houston, TX

“Four years ago, I came on staff at Lifeway church, thinking I was ready to take on student ministry and be a pastor… how wrong I was! I was further off than I realized. I had a ton of baggage from my childhood; I was infected with what culture had taught me, and my self-worth was pretty low.

In the four short years I worked with Craig, he helped shape me, guide me and teach me how to become a godly man, and a Godly Pastor— two things I can never repay him for.

He used Scripture and love to guide me out of my people-pleasing, he showed me what a biblical man is, and he pushed me to new heights I didn’t think were achievable.

Now, do I still have a long way to go? Of course, and I’ll never be able to stop learning from Craig, but within those four years a transformation happened in me. With humility, the Holy Spirit and Craig, I am forever changed.” Josh Price

Lead Pastor, Lifeway Church, Celina, TX

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