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What makes Authentically You unique over other teachings about how to overcome the “not enough” feeling?

The Authentically You process is unique in that it does not give long lists of steps that are somehow supposed to change your thinking. It is based on the truth that beliefs determine actions. Therefore, rather than focusing on a series of things to remember, do, or stop, Authentically You focuses on changing beliefs. It reveals the truth about who a person is, REALLY, and reveals that truth in such a way that belief forms logically. It does not require positive thinking. It does require disciplined belief about the REAL you.

Authentically You follows an ancient practice prescribed by the Scriptures, backed by science, and supported by those who have followed the process and experienced transformation.

The process is so easy to follow it seems too good to be true. But that’s what makes it so effective and so beautiful. It is based on truth and not on subjective self-help steps.

“The Authentically You process is so easy to follow it seems too good to be true.”

Because Authentically You is not based on steps, but on changing one’s beliefs, the outcome is predictable. Science tells us that the human brain can be transformed in as little as sixty-three days.1. Actual results will vary based on an individual’s level of desire for change and the discipline they bring to their thinking.

An Authentically You group is forming soon. Limited spots are available. Let us know if you are interested in an Authentically You coaching group today.

  1. Dr. Caroline Leaf, The Perfect You (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2017), 58.