Another sleepless night. You couldn’t stop the questions: Do I possibly have to ask John to resign? How will he provide for his family? How many people will leave the church if John leaves? How long will it take to find the right replacement if he goes? Is there something I am missing? Is there another way?

Before you lose another night’s sleep, and before you pull the trigger to fire a staff member, be aware that the cost of firing a staff member isn’t as cut and dried as the termination. And there may be better way. 


The estimated average cost to replace a terminated staff member is about 50 percent of that person’s annual salary.

There are several factors a leader should consider in calculating the actual cost of terminating an employee.

Some of the factors are:

  • Time and emotional energy required to reach a decision to terminate a team member, and then follow through
  • Cost of hiring a new employee including the advertising and the time spent interviewing
  • Emotional impact on other employees
  • Loss of church members who will leave with the terminated staff member
  • Cost of on-boarding a new person, including training and management time
  • Time that it will take a new staff member to reach an existing team member’s level of productivity

If you must terminate, and at times termination is the best solution, Bryan Carter’s article, How to Fire a Staff Member, is a must read.


But what if there is another option? What if there is an option that avoids the emotional impact that terminating an employee has on other staff members, avoids the potential loss of church members, reduces the stress and work load placed on you from asking a staff member to resign, and restores this person to high performance as a highly valued team member?

What if there is a way to uncover and unleash the potential that led you to hire this person in the first place?

There is! Get an outside coach.

Coaching versus firing a staff member brings numerous benefits to the team, the entire organization, and the employee being coached.

  A short list of benefits includes:

  • Eliminate costly and time consuming efforts to hire new staff
  • Improve performance of current staff member
  • Maximize the individual’s strengths
  • Increase job satisfaction and motivation
  • Renew team member’s confidence, competence, focus, and motivation
  • Restore working relationships between team member, direct report, and other team members.

Compared to the costs of terminating and replacing a team member, coaching cost is negligible.

The average cost of coaching is $300 – $500 per month which includes one-on-one attention two to three hours a month, as well as giving the employee unlimited email and phone access to his or her coach.

And the church or organization potentially gets back a team member they won’t want to lose.


Most likely you’ve been coaching this person and you are reading this article because you feel like you have run out of options. Regardless of your experience and skill, your lack of success may not be your fault.

People often respond better to outsiders. Staff members often are less apprehensive to share fears, weaknesses, and struggles with an outside coach than with the person that determines their pay and if they keep their job. And a coach can reduce your work load.

You already have a full plate. Coaching an underperforming or problem team member is time consuming. Hiring the right coach allows you to maximize your strengths focusing on doing what only you can do.

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