Hungry leaders want their churches to grow. Few things cause us more pain and sleeplessness than a church that is stuck.

Solomon told us, “A growing population is a king’s glory; a prince without subjects has nothing.” Translated: it feels good to have a growing church, but it hurts like heck when your church is stuck.

We all want to make a difference—new members, converts, people taking next steps on their spiritual journey are all confirmation that we are doing a good job. That’s a good thing!

God planted that passion for growth in your heart. The question is, how much do you want it? Are you HUNGRY?


Here are six marks of a HUNGRY leader in a church that is stuck:

Has a Heart for God

God isn’t on the periphery of your life. He is your priority. Regardless of the condition of your church, you still seek first God. Spiritual leadership starts with God and ends with God. Nothing qualifies a person for leadership like the heart. God never promised to bless our plans, but he did promise to lead us in the right path if we trust him completely and do not lean on our own understanding.

Recognizes he is Underperforming

If you are underperforming as a leader, it does not mean you are incompetent or unqualified. But it does mean you recognize you can do better.

Will Never give up

You are not a quitter. However, many do quit. Pastoral Care, Inc. reports that only one pastor in ten will retire as a pastor.

Has a Grow or die attitude

Simply put, you’ll grow your ministry, or you will die trying.

Is Ready for change

You are not married to tradition nor to your own way of doing things. In fact, you admit that what you have done and are doing isn’t working.

Is Young at heart

Leading at a high level has never been reserved for the aged and wise nor just for the young and energetic. Whether you are twenty-five or eighty-five, that dream that burns within your heart is from God.

If you are not fulfilling your potential, don’t tough it out until you burn out. Reach out for help! Whether your need is as simple as a phone call and encouragement or something more substantial, I’d love to talk with you. Send me an email and let’s schedule a call.

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