Pass On provides both Coaching and Consulting services to help hungry leaders win at their calling. 




 The spot light is on you, and you know it. 


You are a leader who wants to help his congregation and community find and follow Christ.

But you need help.

Help setting and casting a vision. Help narrowing down the core values that drive your organization. Help strengthening your character. Help moving from the big picture to the small picture–creating effective strategies and developing simple yet powerful systems and structures that solve key problems in your ministry

You are a HUNGRY leader who wants more but needs help determining and executing the next step so you can WIN AT YOUR CALLING. 

This is the heart of Pass On Ministries Coaching Services.

How Coaching Works:

1. Set up a one-on-one personal interview where we will help you determine your readiness to engage in coaching. 

2. Depending on your need, schedule bi-weekly or monthly 50-minute appointments. (Appointments are completely confidential and can be held in person, via phone or video.)

3. Follow an individually tailor-made plan based on Pass On’s Core Values designed to help you succeed both personally and professionally. 


Craig Walker was instrumental in activating my call to ministry and remains a valued ministry coach. He began with a simple premise. Everything in ministry flows out of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Without that solid foundation ministry is harder, more stressful and lacking true fruit. Craig’s years of experience in varied ministry settings help him connect the elements of leadership, vision alignment, process development, and strategy to my ministry context. His coaching helped me build on success and identify critical gaps in our ministry. Simply put, I am a better ministry leader because of his influence in my life.

John Patton

Missionary, Hellenic Ministries, Athens, Greece


Who needs a consultant?


It is often thought that a church only needs a consultant when it is stuck. Don’t wait until you lose momentum to gain fresh insight. A church consultant can help you spot danger signs and avoid problems before they arise. Through collaborative consultation and honest evaluation, Pass On can lead your church to health and solid growth. 

Getting started is easy. Simply, contact Craig Walker for an initial assessment to evaluate the level of consulting your organization needs. From there, we will develop a quick and productive plan of action to set you back on the path to helping others find and follow Jesus.

We look forward to hearing from you!


When Craig formed Pass On, he committed to raising his own support. He knew that often those who need help the most can’t afford it.

Pass On began with the vision of serving church leaders at no charge. We do ask that if we can help you lead your church to health and growth that you add Pass On to your missions giving budget as a means of paying it forward for others.

Our guarantee to you is if we can’t help you, you pay nothing!