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What makes Truly a Masterpiece coaching unique over other programs about how to overcome the paralysis of self-doubt?

The Truly a Masterpiece process is unique in that it does not give complicated lists of steps that are somehow supposed to change your thinking. It is based on the truth that beliefs determine actions. Therefore, rather than focusing on a series of things to remember, do, or stop, Truly a Masterpiece focuses on changing beliefs. It reveals the truth about who a person is, REALLY, and reveals that truth in such a way that belief forms logically. It does not require positive thinking. It does require disciplined belief about the REAL you.

Truly a Masterpiece follows an ancient practice prescribed by the Scriptures, backed by science, and supported by those who have followed the process and experienced transformation.

The process is so easy to follow it seems too good to be true. But that’s what makes it so effective and so beautiful. It is based on truth and not on subjective self-help steps.

“Truly a Masterpiece process is so easy to follow it seems too good to be true.”
Because Truly a Masterpiece is not based on steps, but on changing one’s beliefs, the outcome is predictable. Science tells us that the human brain can be transformed in as little as sixty-three days 1. Actual results will vary based on an individual’s level of desire for change and the discipline they bring to their thinking.

A Truly a Masterpiece group is forming soon. Limited spots are available. Let us know if you are interested in a Truly a Masterpiece coaching group today.

Truly a Masterpiece is life-changing! Biblical principles we’ve all heard and know, were taught in an applicable way. Since completing the TAM coaching program, I got a promotion, a raise, and the CEO of my company said I walk around with a new confidence he hadn’t seen in me before. I no longer retreat into silence or fear inadequacy. I have the freedom to say “no”, because I no longer feel the need to prove my worth or value to anyone. The crippling stress and anxiety that accompanied my need to make everyone else believe I was good enough, is gone. The anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills, gone. Living hopelessly because I felt like I couldn’t change, gone! Hannah W.

Truly a Masterpiece took me from a place of fear, no hope, and no joy, to loving myself, to confidence in my abilities, and to a deep appreciation for God’s gifts in my life.  Within weeks I had drawn closer to God, my relationships with others improved, and even my career improved.  Truly a Masterpiece has trained my mind to process life in a way that I finally feel alive again! Ryan F.

Let the healing begin!

While I can’t guarantee anyone results, I can guaranteer everyone’s possibilities.

  1. Dr. Caroline Leaf, The Perfect You (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2017), 58.