What if you woke up tomorrow believing there is nothing wrong with you, that you had the power to change anything about you that needs changing so you can do all the good things you were created to do?

How would that belief change you?

Would you wake up and be a brand new you? Would you be taller, thinner, smarter, stronger, or wittier?

Would you have Hollywood good looks, Einstein intellect, a rock star personality, or Tiger Woods talent?

Surprising news: There is nothing wrong with you

What would change? This may shock you, but nothing about you would change. Nothing!

The only thing different is your eyes would be open to the wonder of who you are.

You would recognize what God has known all along—there is nothing wrong with you. You would wake up to the truth that there is nothing broken, nothing missing, and nothing so deeply ingrained in you that you can’t change.

You are perfectly suited to do all God created you to do

You would see that you are, and always have been, perfectly suited to do all the good things God created you to do—things so good people will be talking about you for next 100 years.

You would see just how amazing God’s grace really is, and you would understand that your mess ups have not caused you to miss out on God’s plan.

Your mess ups are the canvas on which God fleshes out His masterpiece. God’s grace is put on display when you believe and through faith let His grace complete your transformation.

Change is possible for you

No, friend, I am not saying you don’t need to change. I am saying you CAN change. You can change anything that needs changed, and you, with that change, will be a demonstration of just what God wants the world to see—the glory of His grace at work in you.

Would you like to believe that you are all that God says you are? You can! Follow these four stages of transformation.

The Four Stages to Believe You Can Change Anything that Needs Changing


Stage #1: Deal with denial

Admit you don’t see yourself like God sees you.

The kind of denial I’m talking about isn’t refusing to admit that you have a problem.

The denial I am talking about is refusing to believe the truth, the truth that there is nothing wrong with you, nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing so deeply ingrained in you that you can’t change.

Denial is refusing to accept that you, the you that’s reading this post, is perfectly suited to reflect the glory of God’s grace.

Stage #2: Declare your true identity

Make a bold declaration, I am united with Christ and I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.

When you were born again you entered into Christ’s death and resurrection and you received a new and living spirit that is empowered by God’s Spirit. Now, all that is true of Christ is true of you.

You are free from sin’s penalty and power. God’s Spirit is at work in you to do all He created you to do.

Stage #3: Develop convincing proofs

It is not enough to say you believe, you have to prove you believe. You don’t have to prove it to God, or to anyone else. You have to prove it to yourself.

Transformation begins with a declaration of the truth. Transformation is completed when you practice the truth.

Through faith that leads to obedience you win over specific temptations and these small wins are all the evidence you need to prove you are who God says you are.

Stage 4: Determine to hold on to faith

Faith is the victory that over comes the world. Without faith it is impossible to please God. The enemy knows that doubt is the one thing that will bring you down.

Determine that you will never, never, never, give in to doubt. You are enough. You are not stuck. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

What if you believed…?

You would begin living the life you were born to love. You would win over doubt and the pain of anxiety and depression. You would begin living with more confidence and joy than you thought possible.

What if you believed…? That’s what!

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