Don’t you love it when you are around people who ask great questions? Years ago I was asked a series of questions that left me stunned. I wasn’t stunned by the questions as much as I was by the question I was forced to ask in response to my answers to the questions. I have since added my own question to the list as a bonus question.

The original eight questions are designed to reveal any unresolved issues in your organization. The bonus question is designed to reveal any unhealthy emotion in organization’s leader.

The bonus question may be toughest question you will ever ask yourself, and it may be the most rewarding question you will ever answer.

The original eight questions are from Nelson Searcy, founder of Church Leader Insights.

As you read over each question, I suggest you have a pad of paper next to you. Don’t just answer the questions in your mind, but answer with pen on paper.

Eight Great Questions

1. What is a difficult / troubling situation in your life?

2. What pay offs or benefits do you get from keeping things the way they are?

3. What cost do you pay for allowing things to stay as they are?

4. How do you create, or promote, or allow it to be like it is?

5. What do you pretend not to know?

6. What do you want?

7. What actions could you take and what requests could you make to get what you want?

8. When will you do this?

If you are satisfied with the results of asking the eight questions then stop now. If, however, you are brave and want to put an end to avoiding issues, go on to the bonus question.

The Bonus Question

9. Why have you intentionally allowed a known problem to remain unresolved?

Be careful about answering too quickly.  Our culture has grown accustomed to, “Nobody’s perfect”, as an acceptable response. If fear has kept you from acting to resolve a known issue there is a high probability, and I am saying this nicely, something is unhealthy in you. That certainly was true of me.

It could be that fear is the one thing keeping you from the life you always wanted. It could be that fear is keeping God from doing more through your leadership than you could ever think or ask.1 Why not deal with your fear now?

Below are a few resource to help you win over your unhealthy emotions.

Resources to help you win over unhealthy emotions:

Truly a Masterpiece, is a coaching resource I created from what I learned by dealing with my own unhealthy emotions. People who have used this resource are discovering their true identity. They are living and leading with with joy, confidence, and courage. On average they are transforming their unhealthy emotions in as little as six weeks. Check out, Truly a Masterpiece.

See also:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, by Pete Scazzero

I Quit, by Geri Scazzero.

Necessary Ending, by Henry Cloud.

  1. Ephesians 3:20 (NLT).